TOFU Machine & Screw Press Squeezer for Juice and Soy-milk

Multi-stage type screw press/squeezer

Coping with wide range of needs from food to environment 
Hydraulic filtration method(patented)

  • Adoption of the world's first hydraulic filtration method(patented) prevents filter blinding caused by drying,and prevents the oxidation of fluit juice.
  • Sanitary because the machine is completely sealed:this also plevents oxidation.
  • Quiet,noiseless operation
  • No time or labor needed because machine cleaning is autmated.
  • Filter pore diameter is φ0.1mm(stainless steel), the finest screw press filter available. Very few insoluble solids remain in the filtrate, making this squeezer most suitable for the squeezing of soy milk, green vegetable juice, tea,fluit juice, apples, carrots, and other vegetables. It drastically increases squeezing yield.
  • Its high dethydration rate drastically reduces the cake weight of OKARA, tea leaves, fruits skins and vegetable waste.
  • Processing capacity is proportionate to the number of stages. The number of stages needed can be accurately calculated by testing a single-stage squeezer.

Very sanitary because entire machine is made of stainless steel.
Use Soy milk Fluit in general
Raw material
soy beans
Cake weight
per stage
60kg/h 60~100kg/h

Note: The above capacity values apply when the machine is operated 8 hours or less per day. Calculate capacity at 70% when machine is operated more than 8 hours per day.
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