TOFU Machine & Screw Press Squeezer for Juice and Soy-milk

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Our company, Marui industry Co.,Ltd., was founded in 1963, and we have been making plan and producing the original machines since the foundation. We also have been paying our strong attention of the problem of disposal of industrial abolitions from the starting of the company, and we have succeeded in developing Multi stage type Screw press squeezer for taking water of dregs of beer in 1983, and we have entered into food machines field by using know-how which have been accumulated for long years, and we have succeeded in developing The Press Squeezer for Juice and soy-milk in 1992-1993.
Especially, The Super Compact Screw Press Squeezer developed in 1994 is the first epoch-making machine in the world, and ATOM MTS-SP type machine produced on base this mechanics have been the best sales among the TOFU industry and we have been enjoying selling out more than 4,000 machines and we are now enlarging the various purposes over the border of the industry, and Japan.
Further, we have been doing our best in developing several original machines, for examples: Screw type Crusher machine in 1997, Sealed-up screw type solidifying machine in 1999, and agitating type batch open pot (KODAWARI) in 2000, and we think it is our mission to continue giving our high techniques for many people's happiness for from food to environment.
We would like to inform you that we will do our best to meet every needs of ゛Saving natural resources", ゛Saving Power", ゛Saving space", and ゛Environment, Sanitation" together with all of our staffs, as our staffs, as our principal of further technical reform in the 21 Century.

President Katsuhiko Ii


Company nameMARUI INDUSTRY Co.,Ltd.
Address Post No.578-0901
7-39, 5-Chome Kanou
Higashiosaka City, Osaka, Japan
Phone : 072-870-0565
Fax : 072-870-2520
e-mail :
PresidentKatsuhiko Ii
FoundationOctober 1963
EstablishmentJuly 1973
Capital10,000,000 Yen
Settlement of accountsEnd of March (once a yesr)
Employee20 workers
Our BankSumitomo-Mitsui Bank Shin-ishikiri branch
Risona Bank Suminodo branch


1963 10Founded Marui Industry Company as for business of
design plan and production of machines
1965 3Completion of Dry machine of hop dregs
1967 3Completion of Carrying implement for Beer's dregs
1973 8Marui Industry Co.,Ltd.was established
Production and start to sell facilities and plant of dairy farming,
liverstock breeding and Carrying implement of the fodder
of raw dregs of beer, whisky and juice.
1974 12Development of Belt system Carrying implement for small grain
1978 3Development of Agitation machine to make complete fodder by
throw into rice straw, Beer's dregs, Juice's dregs simultaneously.
1981 5Development of Multi stage type Screw Press Squeezer
1988 3Development of W-Screw Squeezer
1992 2Development of Press Squeezer for Environment and Juice
1993 2Development of Press Squeezer for Soy-milk
1994 7Succeeded in improving to Super Compact type of
Screw Press Squeezer (ATOM MTS-SP type)
1997 2Development of Screw type Crusher machine
1999 8Development of Sealed-up screw type solidifying machine (SORAN)
2000 3Development of Agitating type batch open pot

Contents of business

Production and sales for Press Squeezer, Boiling Pot,
Agitation machine, Dry machine, various screws, various facilities
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